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A popup coupon at the right time can make those who get the coupon feel like insiders while ensuring they still think your product is valuable. With OptinMonster , you can offer coupons in the right way, at the right time, to the right people, such as people who are actually likely to buy something.

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Your popup coupons can also be used as powerful tools to reduce shopping cart abandonment when used with exit intent technology. And you can combine our advanced targeting rules to be ultra-precise about who sees your popup coupon. For example, you could show your coupon only to shoppers in a specific location with geotargeting , or only to visitors who clicked on a specific ad. And our app does more than just create coupon buttons. The very first, and most important, step is to sign up for OptinMonster.


Use this as a starting point for creating your own—there are tons of ways to customize this coupon. For more examples for your inspiration, check out all the coupon popups in our exit intent popup gallery. To get started, log in to your OptinMonster dashboard and click Create Campaign. Choose a campaign type. Choose a template for your popup. There are more than 30 professionally-designed templates to choose from, with different layouts and color schemes.

All OptinMonster templates are flexible and fully customizable. Use it often. Our BaubleBar example has a different headline and body text and is a different color. Click on the headline to bring up the element editing tools on the left. Then, type your new text in the text box. You can format the text with the available tools.

Use the same method to edit the body copy. You can add more details of the offer, and what visitors have to do to get it, such as enter their email address. But there are also plenty of places to get attractive images for free. That will get you directly to the home menu where you can access the rest of the editing tools easily. You can do all other things too, like add an image, overlay color, or a border.

Click on the submit button in the live preview to bring up the Editing Fields Element menu on the left. Here you can edit your optin fields and button formatting and actions. This is the call to action, which is the one thing you want visitors to do to take the next step. Check out our guide to writing the perfect call to action for more inspiration.

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There are several ways to do this. At OptinMonster, we recommend that you deliver it immediately via our Success view and also send it by email. The Success view is already set up as the default button action. You can also use a coupon link as the redirect URL, which will apply the coupon automatically when visitors arrive at the target site.

To do this, go to the Display Rules tab. You have several options for displaying your popup coupon. At their best, they are a powerful customer segmentation tool and can help you drive sales where and when you need them. But at their worst, coupons can be abused, and they can eat into margins if not managed carefully.

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But first…. When it comes to working with publishers, many marketers are familiar with display advertising, where advertisers pay publishers based on impressions or sometimes clicks.

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Coupon websites, in contrast, typically participate in CPA cost per acquisition affiliate marketing platforms. CPA marketing is distinct from more traditional advertising formats in that advertisers pay only for sales or conversions generated by their publisher partners. These networks act as an intermediary between you and the coupon website, tracking sales and conversions and handling payments between parties.

On the flipside, affiliate marketing by nature allows your partners significant flexibility in how they promote you and requires more oversight.

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Coupons typically work best in markets that are highly competitive or commoditized as they can help your brand break through the noise and compel a shopper to buy from you through a significant discount. But if price is an important decision factor for consumers in your market, coupons can be an effective tool for motivating the sale.

If your product or service involves a high lifetime value for each customer, offering coupons as a way to incentive the initial sale can make a lot of sense. Every brand is different, so think about how coupons can fit into your marketing mix to drive incremental value. Coupon websites give marketers access to audiences of shoppers who are interested in deals. One of the most important functions that coupon websites play is to test and verify coupons, especially promo codes, so that visitors can reliably find working coupons when they need them.

This is an important but resource-intensive task — some coupon sites do a great job with this but many do not more on this below. Additionally, some coupon sites offer cash-back loyalty programs in which they incentivize shoppers by paying them a percentage of each sale made through their website.

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Traditional coupon sites are the ones that will probably look most familiar to you. They typically manage a large email list and can drive customers to your brand via their newsletters. For traditional coupon sites, search engines are also an important source of traffic, as consumers search on sites like Google for coupon codes and land on these websites.

These sites tend to focus on verifying thousands of coupons each day so that they can provide an accurate and reliable coupon search experience. Some of these sites are more generalized, and others focus on more niche interest areas. These websites tend to have very engaged audiences and often have great insight into the types of offers that will perform with their users. The key to working with these sites is to find the ones with audiences that will be drawn to your brand and offer.

Coupon forums are places where anyone can go to share and discuss deals. Slickdeals is the largest coupon forum, with many millions of people going there every day to get the scoop on the best deals of the day. For advertisers, coupon forums can be great places to advertise your deals typically on their homepage simply given the large number of users who visit those sites.

In many cases, marketers solicit popular forum members and create direct relationships in which those members will promote their deals. Cash-back sites such as Ebates have been around for a long time and are super popular with shoppers since they not only offer coupons, they pay their customers a slice of the commissions you pay them.

These are also known as loyalty sites , since most of the shoppers on these sites tend to do most of their shopping through their cash-back systems. One reason to work with cash-back sites is that due to high loyalty among their users you may only get access to these customers by going through the cash-back site. On the flipside, most loyalty customers maintain their loyalty to these cashback sites, and are less likely to become loyal customers of your brand.

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If your competitor offers a coupon through the same cash-back site, your customers are likely to switch over to them. Many coupon sites including RetailMeNot have recently started to offer cash-back loyalty programs as a way to increase loyalty from their customer bases.

Most of these extension sites also offer cash-back programs. RetailMeNot recently launched its own browser extension to compete with Honey. So paying a commission to the extension company at this point may make less sense from a marketing standpoint. Some coupon bloggers are larger than all but the biggest coupon sites.