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By the end of the phone call plus my Skype video call, I had forgotten about my leaky period panties. But I was quickly reminded when I got up from my chair. Side Note: Did you know there is something called period art, where some women paint with their monthly fluids. The photo above reminded me of that.

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Back to the story, I removed my precious back-stabbing Thinx, found a tampon, and went back to old faithful on my heavy days, the tampon. I like that Thinx is trying to solve a BIG problem.

What is that? The problem of blood leaks, stained clothing and sheets during your monthly. I also like that they are trying to solve it with a more sustainable product. I want to meet their marketing team and learn from them. They are good. You guys rock! You know your audience and you woo the heck out of them!

Huge fan here in Hawaii. I LOVE that Thinx is thinking about girls in developing countries and is empowering them to sew reusable cloth pads for their periods. You know what would be even cooler? If Thinx showed them how to sew actual Thinx underwear by themselves. Then, Thinx would be helping girls in the developing world from leaking just like us in the developed world. And I ordered two.

The cut is for flat butts. There, I said it. They will annoy you. Trust me. I seriously got the impression from their website and reviews that free-flowing in Thinx was the purpose. It does that.

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Only, it seemed as if they were trying to send the message that they are much more than a panty-liner. To me, I got the impression that one could free-flow like Wyclef in Thinx. They had me really hyped up. Thus, while I think the marketing team of Thinx are geniuses, I do however, think the overall message of Thinx hypes it up to be a bit more than it really is. Does it replace the panty-liner or does it do more? I guess it depends on your flow, as they say on their site.

Hmmmm, maybe I am disappointed with the reviewers? But there is definitely some disappointment with Thinx that exists.

THINX Coupons and Promo Codes

I really like the idea of not using throw-away paper products for my monthly. Thanks Thinx! Will I use Thinx again? Before Hawaii, she resided in Japan for six years where she researched as a Fulbright Fellow and later worked as a headhunter recruiting talent in the tech industry.

Fun Little Ohana is all about 'momming' in Hawaii. Subscribe to our weekly email for the latest happenings on the island. Thanks for your entertaining review! I thought about trying Thinx, but I already have some Sckoon organic cotton period panties with a waterproof layer. Thinx makes it sound like they invented period panties, but many of the brands making cloth pads have also been selling panties for years.

Sounds like Thinx would work just right paired with a menstrual cup. Wonder if the two could work together and eliminate all the disposables. Thanks so much for your honest review! I guess it is a good back up for tampons or the diva cup, but I definitely agree that all the reviews and their website make it seem like you should be able to free flow and be protected.

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I too ruined a pair of pants! Thanks for your honest and bold response to this.

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I was wondering if the reviews I was reading were somehow sponsored by Thanx since they were all so positive. Thank you again for honest review of the product! I am a Baker and must wear white every day to work and I have heavy periods, like a tampon per hour.

I Tried Reusable Menstrual Underwear - THINX Period Panties (Wear Test & Review)

I bought some thinx for extra protection and then wore white shorts under my pants. Still need to wear a pad. Thank you do much for your honest review! I have been debating on whether to buy these panties as a replacement for both my pads and tampons, and like yourself was convinced by both the website and other reviews that it was intended for that purpose.

My flow for the first two or three days is extremely heavy, to the point that I have to lay a towel down on my bed in order to avoid staining my sheets. You have just saved me a world of disappointment, and at least now if I decide to try these, it will be with the understanding that they are simply backup, not replacements.

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Love your review — Very funny and informative. I was also under the impression that I could free-flow in these. I find that a pair of hiphuggers fits me nicely and works in place of about one pad before it starts leaking. Thank you for this in depth, very candid review. I appreciate your research and bravery to put it all out there, well done! Great review AND so well written — thank you! Would you typify your peak flow as heavy, medium, or light? Thank you for reviewing these so honestly. Since turning 35, I bleed for days.

No way would these work at all. I agree that the mission is great but as other comments have said, there are many affordable cloth products out there. I use cloth at night they are too bulky and wrinkly with daytime clothes and have only made that purchase once in ten years. Then…I noticed that they kind of stopped working as well after the first couple months, despite my following the care instructions to a tee.

Not pleasant. It is a bummer. I was so in love with this product. Some girls have never seen period blood and most men don't ever. It's the same ideology as you sharing your blood, so there's that. That hella bitter thing about helping women in developing countries I could not stand.